Bedford Housing Authority Receives $308,543 Capital Fund Grant

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Housing Authority received a $308,543 Capital Fund Grant for 2020. This is a $21,000 increase over last year, which will allow for several projects to be completed.

Bobbi Ames Bedford Housing Director

The Housing Authority will do some renovations at Building 17 at Hamilton Courts Apartments, with a cost of about $128,000 and roof renovations at the Hauck House with an estimated cost of about $50,000.

Audio: Bobbi Ames Bedford Housing Director

The Bedford Board of Housing Commissioner approved their budget for 2020 at $950,000. This budget will include the raises for employees.

The Bedford Housing Authority also had to find a new auditor after their other auditor was disbarred from the State of Indiana. They hired Audit Solutions of Missouri for the remainder of the three-year contract.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig will have to appoint another board member after Mel Rile’s term ended earlier this year. Mel did not want to seek another term.