Communities Brief NSA Crane in First-Ever State of the Community Address

(ODON) – The White River Military Coordination Alliance membership communities briefed NSA Crane and the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic about opportunities for collaboration between Crane and neighboring cities and counties during the first-ever “State of the Community” address at the Alliance’s first-quarter meeting. 

Gene McCracken, chair of the Alliance

The briefing, delivered by Gene McCracken, chair of the Alliance, followed a “State of the Installation” address given by NSA Crane for the Alliance membership communities in August 2019. The five counties and nine incorporated cities and towns that make up the Alliance membership communities prepared the State of the Community briefing, which highlighted changes that may impact the installation. 

The community’s address focused on how communities and Crane can increase collaboration to improve awareness of local planning structures, to bring together institutional knowledge to address items of mutual concern, and to create a forum for Crane and the community to share resources. The address detailed: 

  • Opportunities to build long-term relationships: Several organizations across the Alliance membership communities currently include some form of Crane representation. Incorporating more Crane representation into organizations, commissions and boards can help ensure that Crane and the communities are working together and communicating effectively. The efforts of the Alliance have laid a firm foundation for strong partnerships between Crane and community leaders.
  • Win-win development: The individual communities neighboring Crane and Lake Glendora Test Facility are working to equip, attract and retain a workforce that can fill Crane’s job pipeline. The region’s workforce represents one of the highest concentrations of STEM-related jobs in the country, and the communities are working to enhance STEM programming, revitalize parks, downtowns, and infrastructure to keep up with regional growth. 
  • Engagement in community events: Communities encouraged Crane to join local events, celebrations, festivals, and programs. Community members can get to know Crane better through its increased presence at events that are a point of pride and connection for the cities, towns, and counties. 
  • Connecting Crane with strategic community planning: Several of the Alliance membership communities, including Daviess County, the City of Washington, the City of Bedford, and Sullivan, are in the process of updating their strategic plans. Crane is invited to participate in the planning to ensure compatible land use. 

“This State of the Community Briefing represents a tremendous opportunity for collaboration across boundaries—to improve awareness of local planning structures and resources, to bring together institutional knowledge to address items of mutual concern, and to create a forum for Crane and the community to share resources,” said Alliance chair and president of the Lawrence County Commissioners Gene McCracken. “We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate more closely and help our region flourish.”

The next quarterly Alliance meeting will be held in May 2020.