Parole Agents Commended for Protecting Community and Helping Parolees Succeed

(NEW CASTLE) – There are many unsung heroes working for the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) among which are those who serve as parole agents. While most people think of the ‘policing’ side of a parole agent’s duties, there really is so much more to being a successful parole agent.

(L-R): Parole Division Director Troy Keith, Agents Megan Oney, Zach Zimmerman, and Kelli Simon (not pictured).

For example, as part of Indiana’s goal of building a 21st century skilled and readied workforce, meaningful employment among parolees is a top priority and key to success in the re-entry process.

Parole agents can and do play a part in the employment aspect by offering guidance and support to parolees under their charge. For their part in maintaining a parolee caseload where 95% of parolees are employed, Parole Agents Megan Oney, Zach Zimmerman, and Kelli Simon were recognized for their role in helping their parole clients be successful.

(L-R): Parole Division Director Troy Keith and Parole Agent Devyn Dice

Another agent commended for their outstanding work in the community was Devyn Dice. Agent Dice has the challenging task of maintaining a caseload of sex offenders. This caseload, often referred to as SOMM (Sex Offender Management and Monitoring), incorporates an innovative program, collaborating with public and private sector groups across the State of Indiana, with the goal of reducing sexual offenses. The SOMM Program provides special treatment programming to sex offenders and utilizes a Containment Team Model to provide maximum protection to the public while these offenders are under Parole supervision in the community.

(L-R): Parole Division Director Troy Keith and Michael Dodge

Also recognized today was Parole Agent Michael Dodge for his collaborative efforts working with local law enforcement, IDOC facility staff, and Investigations and Intelligence personnel to successfully apprehend and arrest several individuals suspected of aiding in the trafficking of drugs into correctional facilities.

“These agents have an incredible amount of dedication and experience in the Indiana Department of Correction,” stated Parole Services Director Troy Keith. “I’m thankful to have them in these critical public safety roles.”

About IDOC Parole Agents

There are approximately 140 parole agents employed by the Indiana Department of Correction charged with supervision of 6,000 parole clients residing in Indiana.