Indiana DNR Tightens Rules for 3 Ohio River Fish Species

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana has imposed more restrictive regulations on three popular game fish found in the Ohio River to align the state with Kentucky’s regulations.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said the new emergency rule covers walleye, sauger, and saugeye, which are collectively known as Sander species.

The rule that took effect Sunday sets a bag limit of six Sander species in aggregate per day, a possession limit of 12 Sander species in aggregate, and a minimum length limit of 14 inches.


Indiana’s previous regulations had permitted the take of 10 Sander species in aggregate per day, a possession limit of 20 Sander species, but had no minimum length limit.

The state’s revised rule aligns Indiana’s Ohio River regulations with regulations that took effect last year in Kentucky.

Sauger is the most sought-after sport fish of the Sander species on the Ohio, and is prized as excellent table fare. During the winter and early spring, they congregate downstream of dams, providing prime fishing opportunities, but high harvest rates have prevented the sauger population from reaching its full potential.

The Ohio River Fisheries Management Team recommended the new regulations last year in an effort to ensure that the Ohio River’s sauger population remains sustainable for future generations.