Police Say No Laws Broken With Letters Left at Bedford Homes

(BEDFORD) – After consulting with the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office, officials determined that no law was violated after letters were left at resident’s homes.

On January 2nd, Bedford Police Department received three reports of white supremacist-type literature being left at homes on the north side of Bedford.

In each incident, a re-sealable zipper storage bag containing a rock and a single piece of paper were left on the person’s property.

Officers patrolling the area located approximately twelve additional bags lying in driveways and yards that contained the same type of propaganda.

The Bedford Police Department received Facebook tips in identifying the individuals responsible for the bags. The Facebook profiles that were examined contained literature matching the types of propaganda that were left at the homes.

Bedford was not the only target for the propaganda. Officers in Spencer and Indiana State Police officers received 20 to 30 similar complaints of propaganda being left in driveways and yards during the same timeframe.

A witness in Spencer provided police with a vehicle description which included a Missouri license plate. Spencer officers located the vehicle at a local motel and spoke with the occupants. The female driver presented a Texas driver’s license and the two male passengers declined to identify themselves.

“In comparing the identification provided by the female in Spencer to the information that was received through our Facebook tips, we believe these are the same people that left material at properties in Bedford,” says Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore.

Bedford Police researched existing Indiana Law and consulted with the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office and did not find any violation of any statue.

“Bedford Police will continue to follow up on any information we receive in hopes of resolving any concerns that someone might have,” Chief Moore added. “At this time, we do not believe the individuals responsible have any connection to Lawrence County, and they were not targeting individuals based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.”

One of the neighbors on the northside of Bedford had a biracial son and neighbors were concerned.

“We found a rock in one of the letters and asking in the letter that we go to websites that we are not familiar with,” stated Presely Neal. Neal found one of the letters by a parked vehicle in their driveway. “We are very concerned at this time, and want to know why this happened,” he said.

Neighbors along S Street in Bedford say that they appreciate the Bedford Police Department taking this situation seriously. Many neighbors also say that they are somewhat relieved in the findings.