NLCS Offers Revised Plan In Consolidating Schools

(BEDFORD) – On Saturday morning, North Lawrence Community Schools released a revised plan in consolidating the local schools.

Dr. Ty Mungle discusses information and facts during the North Lawrence Community School Open Session on Monday, December 16th, 2019.

The following is a statement released by Dr. Ty Mungle.

“Throughout this process, I have had the privilege of working with the Visionary Committee to identify the strengths and weaknesses of NLCS, witnessing the compassion of community members who have spoken at board meetings and the public input session, and working with a team of professionals to develop potential solutions. After hearing community concerns and listening to the board’s concerns in the work session, I have developed a revised plan to address the two major concerns,” said Dr. Mungle.

Dr. Mungle has offered a revised plan for the board to consider on Monday, January 6th at 6:30 p.m. in the NLCS Administration Building. 

The revised plan will address the two major concerns: overcrowding at Bedford Middle School and an elementary school to serve the students on the west side of the county. 

Concerns about overcrowding and safety were considered during an open-session of the NLCS School Board. Morning arrival and dismissal of students was a major issue taken under advisement.

The first concern involves including a second middle school in the county. This new plan will continue to provide increased opportunities for students and staff collaboration. This will alleviate capacity concerns, traffic concerns for Bedford Middle School, and eliminate the need to remodel the annex building at BMS.

Bedford Middle School and Oolitic Middle School will serve students in grades 7 and 8.

The majority of Shawswick Middle School students will attend Bedford Middle School. 

The second concern involves offering an elementary school on the west side of the county. The revised plan recommends maintaining Needmore Elementary and redistricting other elementary schools.

In this revised plan, elementary students will receive increased support, although not to the extent that was proposed in plans 2 and 3. Elementary schools will have to share some staff and not all schools will have both a principal and an assistant principal.

The Stalker Elementary building will serve as an Early Learning Center and home to our Gateway Academy. 

The revised plan that has emerged will be considered during the January 6th NLCS Board Meeting

The flow chart outlines the recommended reorganization of NLCS middle schools and elementary schools. The chart contains student numbers based on the projected enrollment of 2020-2021. This reorganization will ensure that middle school students throughout the district will have more access to a variety of course offerings. 

Dr. Mungle is confident this revised plan will address the concerns of overcrowding at BMS and will include an additional elementary school in the county.