Indianapolis Woman Sentenced to 7 Years after Injecting Feces into Son’s IV

(INDIANAPOLIS) – An Indiana woman who admitted to injecting fecal matter into her son’s IV was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Tiffany Alberts

After serving her prison sentence, 44-year-old Tiffany Alberts will serve five years of probation on one count of neglect and six counts of aggravated battery.

She had been charged with attempted murder, but she was found not guilty of that charge during a bench trial in September.

Police began their investigation in 2016 when her then 15-year-old son developed blood infections while undergoing treatment for leukemia at Riley Hospital for Children.

Staff placed surveillance cameras in the teen’s room and discovered Alberts was using a syringe to inject an unknown substance in his IV bag.

Alberts later admitted to putting feces in his IV bag. She said she did it to get her son moved to another unit at Riley so he would receive better treatment.

Doctors say the boy could have died from septic shock.