Indiana Securities Division Announces Top Investor Threats

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Securities Division released its annual list of top investor threats and reminded Hoosiers to use caution when approached with any unsolicited investment opportunities.

The top threats were determined by surveying members of the North American Securities Administrators Association, of which the Securities Division is a member, to identify the most frequently identified source of current investor complaints or investigations.

The following were cited most often:

  •  Promissory Notes
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Real Estate-related Investments
  • Cryptocurrency-related Investment Products
  • Social Media/Internet-based Investment Schemes

“It is important for investors to understand what they are investing in and who they are investing with. Don’t fall for promises of guaranteed high returns with little to no risk or deals pitched with a false sense of urgency or limited availability,” said Secretary of State Connie Lawson. “Before you ring in the New Year, make a resolution to protect your money from fraudulent investments and those who may be trying to fleece you.”

“All investments involve a degree of risk. Investors can help protect themselves by taking time to research both the investment product and the person selling it. Being proactive is key because once the money is gone, it is very difficult to recover,” Securities Commissioner Alex Glass said.

The Indiana Securities Division offers a wealth of free investor education materials through its Indiana MoneyWise program, and can help investors research the background of those selling or advising the purchase of an investment. The Division can be reached at 317-232-6681 or through its website at