Car Crashes into Crane’s Leather Shop on Saturday

(BEDFORD) – A vehicle crashed into Crane’s Leather Shop on Saturday afternoon.

According to a Bedford Police report, Savannah Potter and her 14-year-old daughter 14-year-old Lexis Potter had exited a 2009 Kia Rio parked in front of Crane’s Leather Shop. Lexis later returned to the car and entered the passenger seat. The vehicle was “in gear” when Lexis turned on the car from the passenger seat.

Lexis told police she simply turned the key on with the vehicle jumped forward.

Photo by Peaches Dillman

The car hopped the curb and crashed into the double-glass doors of Crane’s Leather Shop. The doors lead to the upper level of the leather shop.

The car stopped after being lodged into the opening of the doors.

Lexis was not injured in the incident.

Photo by Peaches Dillman

In order to reduce damage to the building, a Stone City wrecker was called to pull the car out and back onto J Street. The car was released back to Savannah Potter, who was able to drive the vehicle from the scene.