Indiana Dept. of Correction Intelligence Academy Endorsed by National Organization

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) is pleased to announce the Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy will be endorsed by the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU).

Agencies represented at the Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy included: Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Colorado Departments of Correction; Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department; Clark and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Departments; Fishers Police Department; and St. Clair and Cook County (IL) Sheriff’s Departments.

The Indiana Department of Correction Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy was created based on the Law Enforcement Analytic Standards and the Criminal Intelligence Training Standards for Law Enforcement and other Criminal Justice Agencies in the United States.  The training provides a standardized structure designed to enhance analytic capabilities and competencies at the basic level with the implementation of Correctional Intelligence. The purpose and mission of the academy is to advance attendees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to collect, verify, disseminate, and present products of intelligence; to proactively maintain the safety and security of correctional facilities and the community by supporting facility investigators and law enforcement officers in criminal investigations for the purpose of identifying and combating criminal activity.

“There is no question that the expectations, duties, responsibilities and abilities of a Correctional Intelligence Analyst has elevated,” stated IDOC Intelligence Coordinator B. Christian Eloiza. “This is an unbelievable opportunity to build connections and skill share with other intelligence organizations; not only in Indiana but throughout the country.”

LEIU is an organization whose mission is providing leadership and promoting professionalism in the criminal intelligence community in order to protect public safety and constitutional rights. LEIU was founded in 1956 and subsequently established criminal intelligence standards that are recognized by both law enforcement and civil libertarians as creating a proper balance between the needs of law enforcement and the constitutional privacy rights of individuals.

The 2019 Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy had 25 attendees representing five different states and a total of 16 different agencies.  The Indiana Department of Correction looks forward to a continued partnership with LEIU and the 2020 Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy.