Maggie Sullivan Named New Watershed Coordinator for Lake Monroe

(BLOOMINGTON) – Friends of Lake Monroe announced the hiring of Maggie Sullivan as Watershed Coordinator for Lake Monroe.

Over the next two years, she will coordinate the development of a watershed management plan for the lake.

Sullivan is a professional engineer and an experienced community organizer.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to bring together stakeholders from throughout the watershed to develop a community-
supported plan of action for improving water quality in Lake Monroe,” said Sullivan.

In addition to six years of experience as an environmental consultant, Sullivan worked for five years supporting local agriculture and for two years as an environmental educator. Her volunteer experience includes over ten years serving as board president, most recently with Bloomingfoods.

“Maggie brings so much to this project,” said Friends of Lake Monroe Board President Sherry Mitchell-Bruker. “She has proven leadership skills, the ability to work with a diverse group of stakeholders, environmental engineering background and a keen intelligence.”

Sullivan can be found at the Indiana Geological and Water Survey at 420 North Walnut Street in Bloomington. Funding comes from a 319 grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management with matching funds provided by the Monroe County Stormwater Board, the City of Bloomington Utilities Service Board, City of Bloomington Office of Economic and Sustainable Development and Sassafras Audobon Society.

As part of the project, faculty, and students from the Indiana University O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs will work with volunteers to collect water samples across the watershed.

The results from this sampling along with previous water quality, data will be used to identify areas of concern.

Representatives from different stakeholder groups will work with Friends of Lake Monroe to create an action plan aimed at reducing non-point source pollution in Lake Monroe and its watershed.

“I think the Bloomington Utilities Service Board and the Monroe County Stormwater Board, who provided the majority of funds for the watershed coordinator contract, will be very pleased with the outcome,” said Dr. Mitchell- Bruker.

Friends of Lake Monroe will be holding educational events and public input sessions to encourage local participation. A Community Forum on Lake Monroe will be held on January 14 in Nashville in the Brown County Public Library. More information is available at

Interested community members are also encouraged to sign up for the Friends of Lake Monroe e-newsletter by visiting to receive announcements about public meetings, watershed tours, and volunteer opportunities.

Friends of Lake Monroe is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was formed to protect and enhance Lake Monroe and its watershed through science, advocacy, and public involvement: working collaboratively with citizens, government, and business to improve and support lake water quality.