Attorney General Curtis Hill Helps Launch Jail Chemical Addiction Program to Serve Scott County

(SCOTT CO.) – Joined by local officials, Attorney General Curtis Hill announced Wednesday, that Scott County will receive a $60,000 grant from the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association for the purpose of starting a Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP).

The award is made possible through seed funding from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, which also helps administer the grant process.

Through JCAPs, inmates with substance abuse issues are enrolled into quality long-term treatment programs that begin during incarceration and continue upon the inmates’ release.

Attorney General Curtis Hill

“The best correctional models not only penalize offenders for their crimes but also aim to improve their character,” Attorney General Hill said. “Through targeted services, we must address social, emotional, spiritual, educational, physiological and family issues. The JCAP model puts this philosophy into practice.”

Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin said the program will be a valuable asset.

Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin

“I cannot tell you how proud I am to be bringing this evidence-based program into our jail,” Sheriff Goodin said. “The inmates who will benefit from this therapeutic structured technique need our help as they struggle with the forces of addiction. This program is a no-nonsense approach, where those who apply themselves have a real shot at successful completion and a better life when they leave our facility.”

Scott County Prosecutor Chris Owens likewise welcomed JCAP to the community.

Scott County Prosecutor Chris Owens

“I am excited that this program is being implemented in Scott County,” he said. “Being a rural county, services for defendants suffering from chemical addictions are not abundant. So having a resource like this brings a little more hope to those in need. If we want to improve the recidivism rate, we must provide services to defendants so that they can improve themselves while they are incarcerated. Just holding them in a cell without programming is not the answer.”

Other local officials also attended Wednesday’s press conference to show their support.