Monroe County Solid Waste Management Says Price of Orange Trash Bags to Increase Jan. 1

(BLOOMINGTON) – Effective Jan 1, 2020, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District will increase the cost of orange bags used for waste disposal of non-recyclables.

Large orange trash bags will increase to $15 per roll of 10 large (33 gallon) bags (1.50 per bag). Small orange bags will cost $12.50 per roll of 20 small (15 gallon) bags ($0.625 per bag).

The District encourages the public to reduce trash by recycling more and reminds the public that disposing of trash can also help reduce disposal costs if you don’t have a trash hauler.

There is no additional charge to drop off the trash in orange bags at the District’s rural recycling centers.

This increase in the price of the orange bags assists the District in covering ever-increasing operating costs of the waste drop-off sites. However, the price of the bags has not increased in the past ten years. The program began in 1993.

Bags are available at most Monroe County grocery and hardware stores. Please refer to the web site for bag locations:

Low-income residents may have access to orange bags through the South Central Community Action Program.

The Orange Bag Trash program and other programs of the District make inroads in the responsible management of waste by offering residents and businesses recycling services as well as non-recyclable waste drop-off.

Residents and businesses now have five sites to drop off a variety of items that can be recycled, from junk mail to household hazardous wastes.

Sales of Orange trash bags have increased. So join the other members of the community who save money on waste disposal by taking advantage of the Orange Bag Trash program. Visit one of The Districts four rural sites and drop off your recyclables at the same time. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to dispose of your trash. Although food waste can go in the bags, officials prefer that you compost it, if you can, or visit The Districts’ Northeast Recycling Center where food waste collection is now available in partnership with Green Camino.

Call 812-349-2020 for more information on orange bags and recycling and solid waste disposal or visit