Winner of 16th Annual Teen Brain Games Will be Named Tonight

(BEDFORD) – Competition between eight teams and friendly-fun took place Monday evening at the StoneGate Arts & Education Center.

This marked the 16th year for the Annual Teen Brain Games, a fundraiser for the Lawrence County Museum of History.

Pynco Inc. won Round 1 of the Teen Brain Games

The Brain Games test teams knowledge on general trivia, current events, technology issues, national events, local geography,  and literature. The winners from Monday’s competition will advance to tonight’s round where a winner will take the title.

In Teen Brain Games action Monday night Pynco, Inc. 1 “Big Brain” defeated Flinn Farms “The Ag Kids,” 140-60 in game 1.

“It was a hard-fought competition,” stated Brevin Alleredge.

Flinn Farms got beat in round one of the Teen Brain Games. Watch the finale this evening at Stonegate Arts & Education Center.

 Some of the questions included.

  • How many strings does a bass guitar have? 
  • How many women were on Noah’s Ark?
  • How long was Noah’s Ark? 
  • How long does Halley’s Comet appear?
  • How many stars are there in the Indiana state flag?
  • What do the stars in the Indiana state flag represent?

In game 2 between Busick Insurance Agency “Orleans White” and Bedford Furniture Galleries, the competition ended in a 100-100 tie. Bedford Furniture Galleries then prevailed in overtime. But it was later realized that Busick Insurance Agency had not been given credit for a correct answer that would have resulted in them winning the game, so their round 1 match will be replayed tonight at 6:35 p.m. to determine who will advance to round 2.

In game 3, Ferguson-Lee Chapel defeated Day & Carter Mortuary “Bedford Middle School Cutters” 160-70, and Lehigh Cement “BGW” prevailed over Golden Corral “The Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies” in game 4 with a score of 140-80.

After the break, Pynco, Inc. 2 “Crows” won against Duke Energy “The” (yes, that was their team name) 140-80 in game 5. Bedford Ford Lincoln Roush “Mitchell Jackets” won game 6 with a score of 170-80 over Wayne Fugate State Farm Insurance.

Game 7 saw the Orleans Chamber of Commerce “Orleans Red” overpower Rodney Fish & Family, 140-10, and in the last game of the night, the Women’s Auxiliary of the Bedford Boat Club “Orleans Black” walked past the Bedford Hiking Club, 210-80.

Play will continue tonight at 6:35 at the StoneGate Arts & Education Center.