Bloomington Man Arrested After Punching Another Man in Face

(BEDFORD) – A Bloomington man was arrested Monday afternoon after he allegedly punched another man in the face.

According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, officers were called to the 1620 block of K Street at 3:45 p.m. after a report of a battery.

“When officers arrived they noticed a male walking towards them.,” said Chief Moore. “That man was 58-year-old Kevin Blackwell. who said -I did it, and then placed his hands behind his back.”

Standing off from Blackwell was a man who had a busted lip and blood on his face.

“The victim said Blackwell walked up to him as he was getting out of his truck and punched him in the face.”

The victim wanted to pursue charges for the battery.

Blackwell was arrested on a charge of battery resulting in injury and public intoxication.