Firefighters Train For Extraordinary Circumstances

(MITCHELL) – Several firefighters from Huron, Mitchell,  Marion Township Fire Departments, and Northern Monroe Fire Protection District spent Saturday training on several rescue procedures that they may encounter at a fire scene.

Firefighter’s Train on Rapid Intervention Team skills in case a firefighter gets in trouble.

 Firefighters did instruction and practical training in Advanced Search And Rescue techniques as well as Rapid Intervention Techniques.

“ This training is to get us familiar working with one another, see how we act and react with one another in a controlled environment. So if the need, arises on the fIreground, we can respond to whatever situation we find ourselves in. And by doing this training, we will remember what to do,” said Jeremy Carpenter one of the instructors training the firefighters.

Firefighters learn how to use tools in search and rescue such as the Halagon tool.

Firefighters were given scenarios of getting through barriers – Sometimes the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus firefighters wear may not fit through areas trying to get to.  Another scenario included a firefighter(s) getting hurt. A rapid intervention team comes in to find the firefighter(s) in distress and make a rescue.

Firefighter learns how to remove their SCBA if it gets caught in small spaces, Removing the safety equipment this is done only in extreme cases.

The instruction is designed for learning, build relationships, and give some those with the least experience needed training to learn new skills.

Firefighter Ethan Grissom starts the search for fire victims trapped in a simulated burning building rescue.

One of those firefighters is Halie Stewart, of Huron who was a junior firefighter. Stewart is now set to learn how to fight fires, hazardous materials training, extrication training, and other skills needed. Stewart is a Senior at Mitchell High School.

Halie Steward is a Mitchell High School Senior who is training to be a firefighter. She was in the Junior firefighter program and will be taking training to become a firefighter on the Huron Fire Department. There is a shortage across the United States in the volunteer fire service and local departments are trying to recruit new firefighters.

The Mitchell Fire Department has approximately 20 firefighters, Marion Twp. 35 firefighters and Huron Fire Department have a total of 27 firefighters.

Firefighters James Howell and John Feltner are responding to a firefighter in distress in a building.

The departments normally train one Saturday a month together. The hope is to encourage more people interested in becoming volunteer firefighters. The State Fire Requirements continue to change placing higher demands on the rural volunteer fire departments.

There are four modules that a firefighter must complete to become a firefighter.

They include:

  • Module A – which models after the normal 24 mandatory training
  • Module B – Hazardous Materials Operations Level, Technical Awareness level.
  • Module C – which was the Firefighter I training
  • Module D – which was Firefighter II training.

Volunteer Fire Departments across the United States are faced with declining membership. Thankfully Huron, Marion and Mitchell Fire Departments have been able to keep full rosters.

This training is offered to all area fire departments to keep their skills proficient.