Mitchell Police Department Is Investigating Social Media Threat

( MITCHELL) – The Mitchell Police Department has been alerted to a threat within the Mitchell Community Schools System. The threat was made via a mass message on a social media platform. The threat referenced bringing a weapon to school to use against others.

The Mitchell Police Department takes all threats seriously and immediately began working with the Mitchell School System in an investigation into this incident. A meeting between the Mitchell Police Department and Mitchell Community Schools Officials is scheduled for Sunday and the public will be notified accordingly.

 In a statement, it reads “ The Mitchell Police Department is responding to this threat, as we do with all threats. Often the intent of a threat is to interrupt daily life and cause confusion. Nevertheless, the Mitchell Police Department is using all of its resources at our disposal to investigate this threat and safeguard the schools.”

“ The safety and security of our community is always a priority. While there are those who wish to unnecessary and irresponsibility incite fear and apprehension among others the Mitchell Police Department will do all it can to ensure the safety of our community.” The release continued.

The Mitchell Police Department encourages citizens and students to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior immediately. Anyone with information relating to the identity of the subject who originated these threats is encouraged to contact the Mitchell Police Department at (812)275-3316.