Bat Boxes on IU Campus Provide Habitat for Misunderstood but Beneficial Creatures

(BLOOMINGTON) – Dunn’s Woods in the heart of the IU Bloomington campus is home to three bat boxes. Experts say there are many benefits to having bats on campus: They pollinate flowers and disperse seeds, as well as eat bugs and protect biodiversity, among others.

A bat box in Dunn’s Woods on the IU Bloomington campus. Photo by Eric Rudd, Indiana University

The Caving Club at IU donated three bat boxes in 2016 to the Bloomington Urban Woodlands Project, a local organization that restores and researches local woodlands1 and connects them with the community. The goal was to promote ecosystem services and protect biodiversity.

The project was funded by the club and aided by local businesses.

Information from News at IU Bloomington,