Cleanup Underway on North Walnut After Grease Trap Overturns During Disposal

(BLOOMINGTON) – Crews from the City of Bloomington are currently onsite to clean an oil spill near the intersection of North Walnut and Sixth Streets. 

The spill of approximately 20 gallons of grease occurred during the removal of an abandoned grease trap from a nearby alley. 

City crews have contained the spill and anticipate that the area will be restored by 2:30 p.m. today. 

The oil spill does not pose a threat to human health or wildlife as it does not appear that any petroleum product entered the stormwater system.  

More information about dealing with fats, oils, and grease in residential and commercial settings is available through CBU here

In order to keep these materials from entering the sewer system, all food service establishments are required to have an approved grease management system properly installed to treat their kitchen waste. 

Additional information is available through CBU at 812-339-1444.