Building Collapse Causes Evacuation of Sullivan City Block

(SULLIVAN) — A city block containing municipal offices and other workplaces in Sullivan was evacuated amid fears an adjacent building might collapse and affect power lines and a gas main.

The former home of the Bodine Law Office, the three-story building immediately south of Sullivan City Hall, experienced some unexpected structural degradation prompting the evacuation.

The area directly affected includes Sullivan City Hall, Sullivan County Community Corrections, Followell Real Estate, Followell Law, Paws & Claws and Toys Auto Parts (NAPA).

The city of Sullivan on Thursday lifted the emergency evacuation of the downtown city block. However, it remained unclear when those businesses would reopen. Mayor Clint Lamb says City Hall will reopen today.

Lamb says he’s working with demolition experts and contractors to weigh options for the failing law building.

Metal mats were placed over a shallow gas main to protect it from any debris that might fall.