Lawn Mower Races To Showcase Next Year’s Downtown Derby

(BEDFORD) – It was beautiful Saturday afternoon for the Downtown Derby. With only one entry this year, you could say they had the whole race all to themselves.

Turn 4 was a little rough for “America’s Favorite Past Time”

The Theme of the Bedford Revitalization Team was “America’s Favorite Past Time.” with teammates including: Susan Gales, Marla Jones, John Jones, Allison Pipher, and Roger Gales riding the bed.

The first-place prize for the Chili Cook-Off

Steve Warren, Lawrence County’s race expert, and Joanna Cobb were the hosts for this year’s event. With Steve doing the pre-race interviews; he previewed what this racing team had up their sleeve. “However, they intimidated the other teams from competing,” Warren exclaimed.

Steve Warren and Joanna Cobb MC of this year’s Downtown Derby

Next year, BRI plans to add lawnmower races to the event, under two categories with Open stock and Modified. Pay attention throughout the year so you can be planning on next year’s Derby. By going to or Facebook ‘Harp Commons’.

First United Methodist Young Artist Club entered into this year’s Chili Cook-Off.

This week featured several events showcasing the downtown area. Susan Gales stated that the events were well attended. The events included window decorating in which eight of the downtown businesses took part.

Bedford’s Downtown Market Took Part in this year’s Chili Cook-Off.

The “Shop Around The Square” had a total of nine businesses taking part and the winner of the Grand Gift Basket will be announced Saturday evening.

Teena Ligman gives a tour of Downtown Bedford noting the history and design of each building.

There were two nights of tours around the historic downtown Bedford with the guides telling those that attended about some of the unique architectural designs, business history and haunted buildings during the tour.

Astronaut Charlie Walker talks with Steve Grissom during Tuesday’s visit.

For the Murder Mystery Detectives, the Dastardly Dinner was a sell-out at the 6:00 p.m. event, and almost a complete sell-out at the 8:00 p.m. event. The crime story is about the murder of a Bedford School Teacher Sarah Schafer that has gone unsolved to this day.

Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch came to Bedford Friday to unveil the Historical Marker at the Milwaukee Depot and see some of the Stellar Projects that have been completed.

One of the major highlights during the week was the visit of Bedford Astronaught Charlie Walker, who attended the unveiling of the Dutchtown Historical Marker, and Lincoln School Marker at 19th and H Streets in Bedford.

From left to right: Gage Pederson, Angela Pederson, Gavin Pederson, and Chris Pederson sit to watch this year’s bed race.

Following the dedication, Charlie Walker and Steve Grissom, cousin to Gus Grissom, talked about the space program, Lawrence County’s claim to astronauts and they answered various questions about being up in space.

Liam Dalton holds a medal given to him prior to the bed races Saturday. These medals handed out to children who came to watch the bed race.

On Friday, Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch made a stop in Bedford to unveil a historical marker at the Milwaukee Depot. Lt. Gov. Crouch noted the progress made to the downtown, and the excitement that several of the 2014 Stellar Projects is now complete.

The rain was a washout for the showing of the movie Toy Story 4 at Harp Commons on Friday night. However, it will be shown next Friday, October 18th, at 7:00 p.m. and this event is completely free for the public to attend.

Bedford’s Downtown Derby was October 7th -12th this year. Next year, lawnmower races are planned.

The chili contest between the First United Methodist Artist Group and Bedford Farmer’s Market concluded the week’s events. The winner of the contest will be announced Saturday evening.

Music will last all day long, with Derrick Weidner, Dark Hollow Duo, Tony Hopkins & Greg Morris and Kirby Stailey & The Dash highlighting Saturday evening events.