Miami Correctional Facility Staff Receive Warden’s Coin of Excellence

(BUNKER HILL) – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) Warden William Hyatte is pleased to announce two recipients of the Warden’s Coin of Excellence. These coins are awarded in recognition to staff for their outstanding service in going above and beyond at MCF.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Brittany Myers was awarded the Warden’s Coin of Excellence for her vital role as a Field Training Manager at MCF. “She works very hard every day to increase our staffing numbers.  Sgt. Myers has an urgency about the staffing needs that I appreciate very much. She utilizes social media outlets to improve recruitment efforts. I am more than happy to recognize her hard work by awarding her the Warden’s Coin of Excellence,” stated Warden Hyatte. Sgt. Myers also received a $500 Spot Cash Bonus and a Letter of Appreciation from Commissioner Robert Carter, Jr. in recognition for her exceptional efforts.

Human Resource Associate Julie Perez was also awarded the Warden’s Coin of Excellence. She has been working diligently in the hiring process for correctional staff, especially correctional officers. “Her dedication and hard work to meet the facility’s staffing goals is some of the best work I have ever seen. This sets a great example for other staff to follow,” stated Warden Hyatte. Mrs. Perez will be moving on to other endeavors and will be greatly missed. “I have enjoyed my time here at Miami and getting to know the staff and officers. I have a lot of respect for the officers and the risk that they face every day. I wish I could have met each and every officer and shook their hand personally. I believe that Warden Hyatte has a great vision for the facility and it has been a great honor to work with him and all the staff. I will take what I have learned from here and keep building on it in my future endeavors whatever they may be. I cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words and support,” stated Mrs. Perez.

B. Myers
Pictured: Charles Williams, Brittany Myers, Sharon Hawk, and William Hyatte
J. Perez
Pictured: Terry Foster, William Hyatte, Julie Perez, Sharon Hawk, and Jennifer Mast

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