Rivalry Between Two Jackson County Schools Leads to Vandalism

(JACKSON CO.) – Police say a rivalry between two Jackson County high schools led to vandalism and property damage in both communities.

On Friday, four vehicles in a parking lot on the south side of Brownstown Central High School were damaged, and someone painted the railroad underpass on Community Drive near Seymour High School with the words “Go Braves” in red and black, Brownstown’s colors. There was also an older vehicle parked on the Seymour high school lawn as part of the school’s homecoming activities that was tagged “Go Braves.”

Brownstown School Resource Officer Samuel Hughes said he received information about the damaged vehicles just after Noon. He found windows and headlights had been busted out and the vehicles were dented. One vehicle had expletive language spray-painted on it.

Police say that witnesses saw three Seymour students do the damage.

Police say those who did the damage could face criminal charges.

Seymour’s Bulleit Stadium was the site of this year’s Jackson Bowl, the annual football game between the two schools.