Drew Brees Gets support from Rep. Jim Banks and Members of Congress Over ‘Un-American’ Attacks of Bible Video

(UNDATED) – New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has received support from NFL fans and players alike, but now he’s getting support from a group in Congress, after being targeted by left-wing activists for being involved with a conservative Christian group.

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., joined by 20 other members of Congress, signed a letter Wednesday night saying, “Americans across the country support your promotion of Bring Your Bible to School Day,” set for Thursday, Oct. 3.

Rep. Jim Banks

Brees, an anti-bullying advocate, had to go on defense after encouraging students to “share God’s love with friends” in a 22-second video promoting the event sponsored by Focus on the Family.

“Drew Brees has backers in Congress,” Banks told reporters, “I hope our letter is an encouragement to him and other people of faith.”

To read the letter click here.

“I applaud you for standing up for your faith and encouraging children to do the same,” Banks wrote. “By your actions, you have proven yourself a role model for young Americans across our nation. They look up to you, as do we and many others. Do not let the antagonists get under your skin.”

Over half a million students participated in the faith-based, student-led event last year.

Brees responded in a video posted online and then in a press conference.

“I live by two very simple Christian fundamentals,” he said in the clip, which can be viewed below. “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

“I’m not sure why the negativity spread or why people tried to rope me into certain negativity,” he continued. “I do not support any groups that discriminate or that have their own agendas that are trying to promote inequality. … That’s not what I stand for.”