Orange County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Receives Trauma Kit Donation

(PAOLI) – Orange County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Finn and handler Deputy Ryan Smith received a Buddy Bag donated by the K9 Defender Fund.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Ryan Smith and K-9 Finn

The K9 Defender Fund’s goal is to assist in the welfare of specialized dogs and their handlers by providing essential equipment that allows for the team’s safety and fastest means of medical response for the K-9. A buddy bag is designed with all its contents designed specifically for a dogs needs.

The bag contains items such as bandages and splints, burn sheets, rinsing saline, and a specialized cone-shaped oxygen mask which allows for a secure fit on the dogs face.

The cost of the bag and its contents would normally be around $300 had they not received this donation.

Deputy Smith is greatly honored to receive this trauma kit from the K9 Defender Fund.

K-9 Finn

“I hope nothing ever happens to Finn, however, it is reassuring to know that we would have access to equipment to assist in his medical care until we could get him to his veterinarian office in the case of an emergency,” he added.

Upon receiving the kit, Deputy Smith and Finn received training from Finn’s veterinarian Dr. Kelly Kirk and her staff at Kirk Veterinarian Service in Orleans. Dr. Kirk and her staff have been taking care of Finn since he began his service to the citizens of Orange County.

Dr. Kirk and her staff have been a tremendous support system for Finn and provided him with exceptional care, Smith says.

OCSD K-9 Program

The Orange County (IN) Sheriff’s Department began its K-9 program in January with K9 Finn and his handler becoming certified in May of 2019. Since then, K9 Finn has been deployed 46 times as of the date of this release.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit was started and continues to be funded by donations from citizens and businesses.

“To be able to maintain a high level of expectations, we must continue to raise funds to maintain our program,” Smith added.

If you would be interested in donating and supporting the Orange County Sheriff’s Department K-9 program contact Deputy Ryan Smith at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.