Mitchell Community Schools Schedule Three E-Learning Days Following Christmas Break

(MITCHELL) – Mitchell Community School Board approved three E-Learning Days following Christmas Break. Students will remain home and teachers will report to school on these three scheduled days. The dates include January 17th, February 21st, and March 20th.

The School Board members also approved the purchase of property next to Mitchell Junior High School. The property, located at 505 N 9th Street, will be used for a future project. The cost of the purchase is $114,900.

The School Board also approved a field trip to the Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington for the High School English 11 Class. The movie “Great Gatsby” will be shown.

The proposed budget for Mitchell Community Schools was approved at $19,550.085. The budget for Mitchell Community Schools has been posted to Gateway.

 Personnel Matters:

  • Kristi Lee – Teacher – Resignation – Effective August 30, 2019
  • Steve Ray – MJHS Classroom Aide – Effective August 15, 2019
  • Vangie Kendall – Bus Monitor – Effective September 10, 2019
  • Ashlee Duncan – High School “ C” Custodian – Effective  September 10, 2019
  • Michelle Asbury – Maternity Leave Coverage for Kirsten Martin – October 11, 2019
  • Meredith Roll – Hatfield Elementary Classroom teacher – Effective September  10, 2019
  • Derek Graves – Burris “ B “ Maintenance/Custodian – Effective September 10, 2019


  • Jerry Chaney – Mitchell Varsity Baseball Coach 2019-2020 School Year
  • Stevie Canada – Head Softball Coach
  • Megan Mishler – Assistant Softball Coach
  • Lori Quebbeman – Head Boy’ and Girls Track Coach
  • Dennis Hardman – Assistant Track Coach
  • Dawn Duncan –  Assistant Track Coach
  • Ethan Bohnenkamp – Head Wrestling Coach
  • Emily Drake – Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • Megan Mishler – 7th Grade Volleyball Coach
  • Jerry Chaney – SADD Sponsor


  • Ben Burton from Mitchell Junior High School/Mitchell “A”  Maintenance to Hatfield/Burris Dayshift “A” Maintenance.
  • Daniel Taylor from Emerson/Admin Evening “B” Maintenance to Mitchell Junior High School/Mitchell High School Dayshift “B” Maintenance.
  • Issac Brown from “C” Mitchell High School to Emerson/Admin Evening “B” Maintenance.

The Superintendent gave an update on all the fall sports teams. This update included highlights of the volleyball, soccer, football, boys/girls track and cross country teams.

One of the football players suffered an injury Friday evening. Lucas Fletcher suffered a dislocation during the football game.

Matt Sowders’ Economics Class did all the planning and execution of the “Business After Hours” in Mitchell. Patrick Redman said they did an excellent job.

The Dancer Stingerz also performed along with the Red Steppers at the Indiana University Game on Saturday afternoon and Superintendent Wilcox has received a lot of compliments on their performance.

5th graders at Burris Ambassadors Left to right: Westyn Brown, Rilynn Foutain, Holly Hall, Max Petro, Ashtyn Mann, Noah Hearld, Camden Gilstrap, Gracie Clark, Ms. Jessica Jones

Mitchell Ambassadors made their debut Monday evening prior to the Mitchell School Board meeting. The second graders at Hatfield and fifth-graders at Burris opened doors and greeted guests as they walked in the Administration Building for a Meet and Greet of New Employees.

Hatfield Student Ambassadors
Pictured left to right : Emma Caudell, Crystobella Yorbush, Josie Lamm, Daizy Arvin, Tenner Wesner, Peyton Terrell, Sidney Cleridge, Not pictured Mrs. Renee Childress

New teachers, librarians, janitors, and cafeteria workers were introduced, and the principals at the elementary schools, junior high and high school let the attendees know what was happening in their perspective schools.