Bloomington Land Use Committee to Meet Sept. 10

(BLOOMINGTON) – The City of Bloomington has decided to hold a meeting of the Land Use Committee.

The topic of discussion will be the development of the Brownstone Terrace Property.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday, September 10 at the Smith Brehob & Associates, Inc. building at 453 Clarizz Boulevard, in Bloomington.

The Council Land Use Committee is a four-member Standing Committee of the Council. Under Indiana Open Door Law (I.C. § 5-14-1.5), these are meetings where the public may attend, observe and record what occurs. In the event, an additional member of the Council was to attend this meeting, a quorum of the Council would be present. For that reason, this notice also announces that this meeting may be a meeting of the entire Council, as well.