27 Arrested on Tippecanoe River

(PULASKI CO.) – In response to complaints from Pulaski County residents including excessive littering and other criminal activity by large groups of people on the Tippecanoe River, Indiana Conservation Officers conducted a multi-officer patrol of the river on Saturday, August 31. 

While patrolling the river by kayak, Indiana Conservation Officers encountered a large group of individuals floating on tubes and consuming alcohol while under the age of 21. Due to the size of the group, Indiana Conservation Officers requested the assistance of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and Winamac Police Department.

A total of 27 individuals were arrested by Indiana Conservation Officers and charged with minor consumption of alcohol, a Class C misdemeanor. All 27 were transported and booked into the Pulaski County Jail.

In addition to the 27 minor consumption arrests, Indiana Conservation Officers also charged one individual with possession of marijuana and another was issued a citation for not possessing a wearable personal flotation device as required.

Indiana Conservation Officers were assisted by the Winamac Police Department, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, and Pulaski County Jail staff.