Bedford Rotary Club Celebrates Over 100 Years

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Rotary Club is celebrating more than 100 years of service to the Bedford. The Club celebrated the event at the Downtown Depot Sunday.

The Bedford Club was sponsored by the Bloomington Club with more than 65 members coming down from Bloomington to get the club started. 

Left to Right – Martha Foster, Judy Dewitt, Bloomington Rotary Judy Bush Bedford Rotary and John Bush Bedford Rotary, Santhana Naidu Governor District 6580, Sara Laughlin,Earon Davis President Bloomington Rotary, Liz Feit Bloomington Rotary, and Kirk Bouchie Vincennes Rotary.

About 20 of the Bloomington members came from Bloomington to help them celebrate the historical moment Sunday.

Left to Right – Julia Johnson, John Drier, Susan Harrison Johnson, Karin Dubois, Debbie Hicks, Alex Muhlbach, Peggy Julian, Troi Dawnstith, Eurelta Griggs, Charles Shelter, Raymond C. Griggs, James Lee Hutchinson, John Bush, Rowenna Gross Najafi, Judy Bush, John Williams, Donna Brumabaugh, Brad Swihart, Jim Cessena, and Ray Housel.

 The group celebrated with the 1940s, 1950s, 1960, 1970’s themes. Food was served along with drinks. The public was able to view various news articles, and pictures of the era’s that have already gone by. 

Many of the Rotarians were able to share memories of their times through the decades, as well as some of the projects they were apart of being as Rotarians.

Raymond C. Griggs Salvation Army and Rotarian

“I joined the Rotary Club back in 1972, also a Salvation Army member. We have provided the Polio Vaccine around the world virtually eradicating the disease,” says Raymond Griggs. ” My brother suffered from Polio, so this was something that was very special to our family.  My brother was placed in an Iron Lung machine for six months.  In the last year, we have reduced this down to only 25 cases of Polio last year.”

“Our projects now consist of getting water purification and Latrines across the world,” he added. “As well as work on literacy across the globe.”

Some of the other projects include “I Like Me” programs for kindergartens in the public schools.

This is a hardback book provided to every student.

“We do most exchange students through Brazil at this time,” Griggs added. “And we provide a service project to whatever is needed in the community.”

Santhana Naidu District Governor District 6580 makes remarks to the Bedford Rotary Club

The Governor of the District 6580 came to make a few remarks on this special occasion. And award the chapter a banner from the Internation as well as a certificate for 100 years of Service.

Bedford Rotary President given a banner and plague for 100 years of service.

In addition, John Bush was also given a hat, taking off his conductor hat for and replacing it with the Rotary cap but only for a few short minutes.

In his remarks, Governor Santhana Naidu states, ” We want to grow the organization by getting the younger folks more involved, and making the organization more family-friendly.”

Former Bedford Mayor and Dean Spencer catch up on old times.

What does it take to be a Rotarian?  Rotary International is the world’s first Service- club organization. With more than 1.2 million members. Rotarians serve their communities through volunteer efforts. Members are a network of business and professional leaders are devoted to the Rotary’s motto ” Serve Above Self” Prospective members can apply through a local Rotary Club or can be invited to join by a current member.