Monroe Fire Protection District Holds 12th Annual Benefit For Smithville Food Bank and Clothe-A-Child

(CLEAR CREEK) – The Monroe Fire Protection District held it’s 12th annual fundraiser for the Smithville Food Bank and Clothe-A-Child.

The Hog Roast, as well as several other events, were held Saturday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Fire Station number 21 on Strain Ridge Road.

Sparky dances with the children

There was a dunk a firefighter event, obstacle course for kids, bucket brigade, home disaster kits, first aid for the home, crawl through a smokehouse, and hot air balloon display.  Due to wind conditions, the hot air balloon was not able to tether and offer rides as planned.

Children get to play firefighter.

The hog roast was free, with the proceeds going to the Smithville Food Bank and Clothe-A-Child. The event is well attended every year and allows the community to interact with the firefighters. More 65 firefighters helped put on the event.

Dunk a Firefighter is always a fun sight to see and participate in

“This is a fun event for the whole family to take part in. The weather cooperated with us this year; last year we had a car show, and it rained the whole time. So, the car show last year did not go as planned. This year, everything worked out well for us, weather and all,” said Dustin Dillard Monroe Fire Protection District Fire Chief.

Monroe Fire Dist. Firefighter Levi West helps San Tran put on some fire gear.

“This gives the community a way to interact with our firefighters. Everyone typically loves firefighters. However, there are some things the public does not realize all that we do. So, we use this event also as a way to communicate some of the things we do,” said Monroe Fire Protection District Fire Chief Dustin Dillard .

Several individuals and families attended Saturday’s fundraiser for Smithville Food Bank and Clothe-A-Child.

“We also offered this event for anyone wanting to know about our future merger with other townships. We wanted them to be able to ask questions. No one had any questions for me and, for the most part, we believe most residents support the future merger,” said Dillard.

A Dalmatian made it to Saturday’s event.

“The merger will be phased in over a five year period to make sure there are not any huge tax increases all at once. But, by combining these other townships in this there will be a 2.1 to 2.2 billion dollar in assessed value,” said Dillard. 

According to Dillard, the merger will combine five townships and two fire contracted townships into four contracted townships by the time the merger is complete.

The approval of the merger from county commissioner could take place on September 18th if there are no objections to the proposal.