Bedford City Council Votes to Acquire Goff Refrigeration Building

(BEDFORD) –  The City of Bedford Council voted on Tuesday evening to take possession of the Goff Refrigeration Building located at 1018 16th Street. The City of Bedford condemned the building in August of 2016 after inspecting the building and finding it unsafe.

The City of Bedford voted to acquire Goff Refrigeration Building. It will cost the City $250,000
  • On August 8, 2016, the city received reports that there were bricks falling from the structure. Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk stated that he found bricks that were falling from the structure. A letter was immediately sent to the owners of the building. The owner did not respond to the letter.
  • On August 16, 2016, Bedford Federal Savings Bank notified the City of Bedford that they would not lend any more money towards the building.
  • On August 17, 2016, the building was condemned by the City of Bedford following an inspection by the Bedford Fire Department inspector and City Code inspectors.
  • On September 9, 2016, a formal condemnation proceeding took place. No one showed up to the hearing. The building was officially condemned by the city.
  • The loan to the building has been written off by the bank.

Greg Sekula of Indiana Landmarks was asked if they were interested in partnering with the city in preserving the building. Indiana Landmarks will identify the three main areas to which they can salvage to keep the building structurally sound until a buyer for the property could be located.

To have the building demolished would cost the city approximately $250,000. There are currently around $38,000 in liens on the property. The building is up for a tax sale on September 9, 2019. The liens would have to be paid by the City of Bedford.

Indiana Landmarks says the city would have to take possession of the building before any work could be done to save the building.

So far, limited title searches have been completed as well as a Phase 1 Environmental Studies. Indiana Landmarks officials say a limited Phase II Environmental Study probably would have to be completed as well.

Indiana Landmarks and the city would have to provide liability insurance should there be any damages resulting from the building. The city would have to commit $250,000 for the project. Clerk-Treasurer Marsha Phiefer stated that some funds would have to be transferred from the CCI fund into the General Fund and use other General Fund money for this project. The vote to transfer funds will take place during another city council meeting.

In other business:

The Council approved Ordinance 9-2019 creating a speed limit in Oak Manor. There are currently no speed limit signs on the street. According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore by Indiana statute, the speed limit would be 30 miles per hour. Without signs, the speed limit would be 20 miles per hour. There were also concerns that there were no sidewalks on the road causing children to ride their bicycles in the roadway.

Council members approved Ordinance 10-2019 which would put stop signs at Second and P streets. Earlier, this year a small child was struck by a vehicle at that intersection. Residents on Second Street must park in the street which makes it difficult for people traveling North and South to be able to see.