City Erects “Turtle Xing” Signs at Request of 8-Year-Old Boy

(WEST LAFAYETTE) — A northern Indiana city has installed “Turtle Xing” signs along a road after an 8-year-old boy warned the mayor that motorists were running over turtles on the move.

Jack Wietbrock wrote West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis a letter last month asking him to install a sign advising motorists to keep watch for turtles along Cherry Lane.

The second-grader wrote that “there are turtles crossing the road and they need our help.” He included a hand-drawing of a car stopped and someone carrying a turtle, captioning that image with, “We saved a baby turtle.”

The Journal & Courier reports that the mayor instructed the city’s street department to make “Turtle Xing” signs. Some of those signs recently went up along Cherry Lane. Other signs will be installed along a second road.

Information from: Journal and Courier,