Bloomington Man Arrested After Strangling his Cat

(BLOOMINGTON) – Bloomington Police arrested a 59-year-old man on Friday after a witness alleges he strangled his own cat during an altercation with a woman.

Bloomington Police officers responded to the home of Lloyd Miller just after 11 p.m. Friday after he reported there was a woman at his home in the 2500 of South Rockport Road refusing to leave.

Miller told police the woman had assaulted him and had injuries on his left arm and head.

Police spoke to the woman who told police the two had been fighting since around 6:40 p.m.

She also stated that while the two were in the kitchen, Miller picked up his cat, placed both of his hands around the animal’s neck and began swinging it back and forth. The female told police Miller was attempting to strangle the cat. The cat then scratched Miller on the arm.

Police checked on the cat, who appeared to be healthy. Police did see the marks on Miller’s arm which appeared to be cat scratches. They found no evidence that the woman had assaulted Miller.

Miller was arrested on a charge of torturing a vertebrate animal and he was transported to the Monroe County Correctional Center.