Public Input Needed on State Transportation Improvement Program

(INDIANAPOLS) – The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is Indiana’s four-year transportation planning and construction document listing projects (and phases) expected to be federally funded within a four year period. 

State-funded and regionally significant projects are also included as the STIP includes investment in various modes including highways, transit, pedestrian trails/paths. and bicycle facilities.

The current STIP was approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) earlier this summer and covers fiscal years 2020 thru 2024.

While the STIP lists federally funded projects within a four year period, it also includes a listing of projects under an additional fifth year, however projects listed under this additional year, are not funded projects, but rather are included for informational and future planning purposes. 

Visit the STIP web page to learn more about the STIP and related activities   

Amendments and Administrative Modifications

Periodically, changes are made to a project’s scope, cost and/or year of proposed construction.  When these changes occur, they are evaluated to determine if the change requires an amendment or an administrative modification to the STIP.

Major changes to the STIP require an amendment.  Examples of a major change would be:

  • Adding a new project that was not included in the current STIP
  • Adding a new phase of a project not currently included in the STIP (preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition, construction)
  • A significant increase or decrease in project cost
  • A change in project scope

Minor changes to the STIP require an administration modification, examples of a minor change would be:

  • A designation number change (this identifies what year the project was accepted into the production schedule)
  • A change in project schedule whereas the timing of activities is modified to occur within an adjusted timeframe (within the 4 year funding period) 

Amendments to the STIP require FHWA and FTA approval, administrative modifications do not.

Why is this Important?

The STIP must be fiscally constrained.  Only projects for which construction and operating funds can reasonably be expected to be available are included.  If a project is not included in a STIP, it is not eligible to receive federal funding.  As modifications and amendments occur, the fiscal constraint must be maintained.   

Public Input

INDOT welcomes public input regarding draft amendments to the FY 2020 thru 2024 STIP.  The draft amendments are posted to a public comment web page for a minimum period of 7 days (may be extended in some cases).  The public is encouraged to review draft amendments and offer comment.  

Generally, draft amendments are posted monthly and typically during the 3rd week of each month.  Draft amendments may be reviewed by visiting

Once an amendment is approved, the STIP is updated accordingly.