Kokomo Mom Told to Stop Breastfeeding in Public

(KOKOMO) – Indiana law says moms can breastfeed “anywhere they’re legally allowed to be.” That’s why a Kokomo woman says she didn’t stop when someone told her otherwise.

Kayla Britton says a lifeguard at Kokomo Beach Water Park told her to “stop breastfeeding in public” and use the dressing room instead.

Britton says she told the lifeguard ‘no’ and kept feeding her child.

The city, which operates the park, claims Britton was walking in a pool while breastfeeding and the lifeguard was worried the baby might “ingest pool chemicals during the feeding.”

Britton says that’s not true and that she was at the water’s edge.

She posted on Facebook about what happened and says she won’t be discriminated against for feeding her child.