Hand to Shoulder Center Offers Lawn Mower Safety Tips

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Mowing the lawn can be dangerous. A man died doing just that over the weekend, and a little boy was severely injured after he fell under his grandfather’s mower.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Knox with the Hand & Shoulder Center says wet grass is the worst time to mow, as it can lead to different types of accidents.

Wet grass can clog up a mower, which means you’ll have to remove the grass from the blades. Knox says many people do this thinking the mower is off, when it might actually still be on.

Once the grass has been removed, the blades might start moving again, and could harm you.

Cutting wet grass on a hill can also result in you or your mower slipping and falling over, which can be very dangerous with those rotating blades.

Knox also gives advice about child safety when it comes to mowers. He says you should make sure kids stay inside when you’re cutting the grass.

“Children can run out into the yard to say ‘Hi’ to their parents, and because of the noise, that parent won’t hear the kid coming,” Knox says. “They may turn and injure the child.”

You should refrain from letting a child sit on your lap while cutting grass with a riding mower, as well.