Gov. Holcomb on Curtis Hill: “I’m Letting the Process Play Out”

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Will Governor Eric Holcomb campaign for Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill?

That was a question Holcomb was asked by our newsgathering partners WISH TV. Hill is accused of inappropriately touching four women at a legislative party in 2018.

“I’m letting the process play out. I read the reports. We have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. I’ll let this process play out and that’s happening right now,” Holcomb said.

Back in 2018, Holcomb said he still believes the four women who have accused Hill of inappropriately touching them, despite the prosecutor’s decision not to press charges and called for Hill to resign. Hill has refused to do so.

Holcomb says teacher pay increases are something that mean a lot to him. He wants to be able to attract quality teachers.

“To do that, you have to have a systemic change in the way that we fund our teachers. In this last budget session, we just increased the budget to K-12 by $763 million. I moved $150 million to schools to pay down some of their debt so they can move some of that to teacher pay increases,” Holcomb said.

He believes these are steps in the right direction, but the big key to will be a partnership between the state and local schools.

“That’s what this long-term teacher pay commission is getting at. How do we raise hundreds of millions of dollars every single year, not just one off. I don’t want to do this two-year dance for the next 200 hundred years like we’ve been doing. I want something sustainable going forward so that Indiana teachers can rank in the top, not in the middle or bottom,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb announced on Saturday in Knightstown that he is running for re-election.