Additional Details Released in Crash that Killed Mother, Twin Daughters

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The driver of the semi that killed a mother and her twin daughters in a crash showed no remorse, say court documents.

State police say Bruce Pollard had no emotion when they informed him the seven-vehicle crash he caused Sunday on I-465 killed a family. They say Pollard was only concerned about his vehicle, his belongings, and what hotel they were dropping him off at.

During the interview, officers asked Pollard what happened prior to the crash. Pollard first said he was only going “30-35 miles per hour” in the construction zone when he crashed into a car, causing it to engulf into flames. 29-year-old Alanna Koons and her 18-month-old twins, June and Ruby, died in that car. The chain-reaction crash injured others, and damaged five more vehicles.

Police say the report from the Airbag Control Module (ACM) in Pollard’s semi says he did not brake until after hitting the first car. Pollard later said he “guesses” he was going too fast and “guesses” he struck other vehicles.