Bedford Board Of Works Approves Four-Way Stop At 2nd and P Streets

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works approved Danny Irwin’s request for a four-way stop at 2nd and P Streets.

Cameron Irwin

Irwin’s 12-year-old son Cameron worked hard to obtain petition signatures for the stop sign after his friend 7-tear-old Kristen Ray suffered bumps, bruises, lacerations and a broken leg after she road her bike into a path of a vehicle at the intersection of 2nd and P Streets.

Kristen Ray age 7 was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of 2nd and P Streets

Police Chief Terry Moore says that this has been a conversation after the accident. Chief Moore reports that 56 local adults signed the petition in addition to one other person not from the area. There were around 16 other signatures written by children under the age of 18 to which Councilman Bryon Buker questioned.

However, Chief Moore reports that the area does have parking on both sides of the streets, and lack of sidewalks forcing children to ride in the streets. Motorist views are obstructed by the congestion. In addition, if you placed a no parking restriction on both sides of the street you would create a parking issue that would not be easily solved.

Bryon Buker went ahead with the recommendation of Chief Moore and the rest of the Board of Works went on to support the recommendation. After the approval of the Board of Works it goes on to the Bedford City Council.

Danny Irwin is a Bedford Police officer and resides in the neighborhood, who provided assistance to the young girl until the ambulance arrived.