4-H Youth Of Today, Future Leaders Of Tomorrow

(LAWRENCE COUNTY) – Youth sometimes are cast into a negative light, and many are worried where the future will be with them in charge. However, the youth among the present 4-Her’s are goal-driven and determined to achieve results.

“I was never in 4-H and I missed a lot of great experiences because of it,” says fair board member Liz McKnight. “My husband Andy and daughter Sara have bonded working on her project. Being a part of 4-H has taught her how to present herself in front of strangers, and learn how to build confidence. Being part of 4-H has taught her several life lessons,” McKnight added.

The following are some of the youth that are involved in 4- H and with their animals.

Avry Stewart with her Cow Oreo

11 year-old Avery Stewart was seen with her cow Oreo and they’ve been apart of 4-H now for 3 years. “I like to play with my animals. It usually takes me about an hour and a half each day to take care of them.” Stewart is a 9th generation farmer. Her cow now is up to about 930 pounds, from about 430 when she first started working with Oreo.

Marisa Blais age 10 with her horse Gideon

10-year-old Marisa Blais was seen taking care of her horse Gideon. She shows her horse and it normally takes her a week to get ready for the fair.

Sydney May age 16, takes part in Rodeo

16-year-old Sydney May has been involved in 4-H for the last four years. She participates in rodeo and halter class.

Claire Abner, age 18. This will make eighth year of being a part of 4-H

18-year-old Claire Abner has been a part of 4-H for eight years. “I have learned how to take care of animals and have fun with it. I have learned sportsmanship. Even if you do not win, you learn handling and social skills. I have made a lot of friends being in 4-H,” said Abner.

Many who have started in 4-H can never leave the friendships and fun of being a part of it all. Delores Jones is a 31 year member of 4-H. “I have never outgrown it,” said Jones. “I started out showing black Angus cows, and this grows into being a big family. Joining 4-H gets into your blood,” Jones added.

Delores Jones have been a part of 4-H for 31 years

People in 4-H are most likely to obtain better jobs and most are 10-year veterans of 4-H. Employers know that these kids will see projects through and take responsibility for a project.

Many from the Queens Court are attending college and here is what they have to say about 4-H and their future careers.

19-year-old Taylor Wesner is attending the University of Southern Indiana. She was involved with 4-H for over 10 years and will be going into the Health Care Administration.

20-year-old Treva Beasley is attending the University of Indianapolis and plans on being a physical therapist. She has been involved in 4-H for over 10 years.

19-year-old Victoria Cain is attending Ivy Tech in Columbus. She is studying Agriculture Business. She has been involved in 4-H for over 9 years.

15-year-old Aubrey Lynn is attending Bloomington High School South and has been involved in 4-H for over seven years.

19-year-old Karington Raines is not currently enrolled yet in a college. She however wants to be an veterinarian technician.

Some members of the Queen’s Court.

The local future of 4-H is still looking good with most of the places in 4-H holding steady in participation and some areas are starting to grow. The hog barn is outgrowing in participation in addition to dairy.

A lot of things have changed for the better around the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. “When I first started back in 1961 there was not a lot of these barns and accommodations that you see today. When I started we were taking our posters to the Mitchell High School Gym,” Jones added.

“Support the group that will support the world of tomorrow,” says Liz Mcknight. “These will be your future engineers, agriculture businesses; they will be the ones fixing the world’s problems.”

Below is list of activities for the week. Click the image to see a larger version.