First Lady Janet Holcomb to Serve as Chair of Indiana Conference for Women

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Conference for Women appointed First Lady Janet Holcomb as chair of the Indiana Conference for Women to be held on Thursday, Nov. 7. Nearly 2,000 women, of all ages and stages of careers, from across the nation are expected to attend the ninth annual conference to receive educational and professional development.

First Lady Janet Holcomb

The First Lady will work with the Conference’s board of directors to develop the Midwest’s biggest one-day professional development event for women. Specific goals will focus on selecting leading experts in their respective fields and forging relationships to grow stronger networks of women.

“We are humbled to have the First Lady serve as chair of the Conference as she has always supported our work to embrace, enlighten and empower women,” said Billie Dragoo Garcia, co-founder of the Indiana Conference for Women, with Deborah Collins Stephens. “The First Lady consistently supports initiatives and promotes development opportunities that improve the lives of Hoosier women and girls.”

As the daughter and granddaughter of small business owners, some of the First Lady’s most valuable lessons were learned at the family dinner table. Beginning in 2009, she served as vice president of her family’s manufacturing business, R&R Engineering, which has been producing and distributing bolts and fasteners across the U.S. and Canada for 50 years.

For a decade prior to joining the business, Janet led many record-setting political fundraising efforts at the federal, state, and local levels. She has used her fundraising experience to benefit many nonprofit organizations, including veterans’ groups, social service providers, animal welfare, arts organizations and scouting programs.

“As a multi-year supporter of the Indiana Conference for Women, I am honored to serve as the chair of the event as we work to encourage, inspire and empower attendees,” said Janet Holcomb, First Lady of Indiana. “I look forward to the conference being an exciting day for women of all ages to grow together.”

Tickets to the Indiana Conference for Women, at the Indiana Convention Center, are $325 each and can be purchased online. Additional speakers and presenters will continue to be announced.

About the Indiana Conference for Women

The Indiana Conference for Women is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the educational and professional development of women at all ages and stages of careers. Since its inception in 2011, the one-day conference has become the largest gathering of professional and entrepreneurial women in the Midwest. This educational event plays a large role in the overall goal that founders, Deborah Collins Stephens, and Billie Dragoo-Garcia envisioned: The building of a strong ecosystem that helps women build careers, create companies and experience lives that are rewarding, healthy and happy.

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