Bedford City Council Approves Several Tax Abatements

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford City Council approved several tax abatements for local businesses and compliance with a statement of benefits for Stalker Apartments and Stone Cutters Place.

GM currently employees 710 hourly employees and 160 salary employees.
Glen Sampson, representing General Motors Corp., says the company continues to invest and grow within Bedford.
GM plans to acquisition 2 more product lines at the Bedford plant.
Sampson says there are plans to acquisition 2 more product lines at the Bedford Plant. At this time he cannot provide details of those new lines. However, he stated they include a product for a favorite sports car. This product will mean adding another shift at the plant.
The company currently employees 710 hourly employees, and 160 salary employees at the Bedford Plant. With the new line, they plan to add an additional 48 temporary employees and 20 salary employees, exceeding the number of employees and real estate goals.
geo flo.JPG
2018 was a good year for Geo-Flo
Greg Stokes told council members 2018 was a great year for Geo-Flo, which employee 17 employees and intends to hire 2 more part-time employees. The payroll for the corporation is almost one million dollars.
Stokes also provided details for Diamond Stone Technology Inc. which is located on Industrial Drive in Bedford. The company makes limestone belts and other specialized products. They employ 15 individuals with a payroll of more than $900,000. The company continues to research and development more efficient and faster products.
Amy Alcorn was on hand to provide updates for the Stalker Apartments and Stonecutters Place. Both complexes have only one vacancy. Those apartments will be filled once background checks are completed.
Stonecutters Place
There is a waiting list of approximately 70-80 people at Stalker Apartments, and a waiting list of roughly 100 individuals for Stonecutters Place.
Alcorn stated, “it’s beautiful to bring a blighted building back to life.”
LNL Empire LLC owned by Troy and Kelley Lawyer
An abatement for LNL Empire, which encompasses the Revere’s Food & Fuel, the car wash and several other businesses along the area of State Road 450 and State Road 158 on the west side of Bedford. Owned by Troy and Kelly Lawyer, they employee a total of 25 employees between the locations, and payroll is around $275,000- $300,000.
An abatement was also approved for The Winn Company. Officials plan to hire two more people for the business located on Mitchell Road.
Nannlee Engineering LLC stated that their three summer interns did not return this year, and officials are currently looking to fill some part-time positions. They have been in talks with General Motors in re-building some recycling hoppers, work with several other local companies such as Geo-Flo, Cap Group, and Metal Tech. All the part-time individual hours have been doubled, and officials plan on filling one full-time position.