NLCS School Board Approves Five-Star Technology Contract

(BEDFORD)- The North Lawrence Community School Board met Thursday evening at the administration building with the school board approving a $360,000 contract to Five-Star Technology.

Eric Mosier from Five-Star was on hand to explain the many services and support that the company can provide to the school corporation.
Mosier has been with the company for over 20 years, and the company provides support to over 65 school districts in Indiana. The company already offers a variety of service to the corporation when the technology department cannot address specific issues. Also, the company will be familiar with the other systems that the board will be used in the transportation and business office of the corporation.
According to Mungle, the costs of going to this company will be comparable to the expenses already incurred by the current technology department. Employees of the school corporation will be offered jobs by this company based on their hiring needs, as well as employee willingness to work for the company. The company explained how quickly they can respond to any issues with within the network and systems the North Lawrence Community Schools operates. Providing engineers and staff to address any problem they may experience. The employees for the corporation will remain as the company transitions and continue to work on current projects throughout the summer.
The board approved a contract to VERSATRANS; it is a software program that will aid the Transportation Department. The first year of the contract will be $26,000 and cost $4,000 annually. The system will keep track of where buses are and where children are located on the route and emergency contact information for each bus. Mr. Mungle stated many corporations already use the program and will make aide the transportation department in keeping track of the needs every year within the system.
The third contract the corporation approved was from Software Systems Inc., which will allow the corporation to upgrade its software and gets reports to the state. Some state reports had to be submitted by paper. This system will be used by the business and human resources department of the corporation. The cost of this contract was a total of $92,000 a year, and then $4,000 annually.
Steve Ritter, Director of Maintenance, requested approval for the upcoming auction on Saturday, June 22, at 9 a.m. various school supplies, equipment, and trucks will be up for auction. The board already declared the items up for sale. The board approved the auction. He also, stated the grass at Parkview is doing better; at first it did not look good. He noted the root system had to take hold and now the mowing crew’s reports that it’s getting better on the slopes. Mr. Ritter also, reports they are seeking nine custodians at this time. Some of the support staff has been offered to help do some custodial work. Finally, the trucks the corporation purchased is now in, and the beds will be added this week.
Last week, twenty-three Instructional assistants did not receive Assurance letters for the 2019-2020 school years, which most of these positions was 29 hours or less. Dr. Mungle explained no teachers received any Reduction in Force next year. Also, they are many positions within the school corporation these employees can apply. We need Special Need Aides, Bus monitors, Food Service, and Custodial staff has positions available to which they can apply. Mungle also wanted to communicate that no one who was certified, and under a permanent contract lost their job.
Two persons addressed the board: Wendy Trueblood Miller asked the board what was being done to help those with high ability. Her son was a third grader at Parkview, and her doctor stated that she needs to keep him in programs that are more engaging for him. But, the only time her son receives is a thirty-minute program which is taught by a teacher’s aide. This does not meet the best practices for those that have a high ability. He does not want to go to school, and the reason is not bullying or behavioral issues; it is not engaging for him. Dr. Mungle stated that the school corporation does not have the funds to hire personnel with the certification to administer that type of program at this time. She offered to give the school board and Superintendent Information and studies on how rural schools and low budgets have addressed this issue.
Jon Rothschild addressed the board asking why that with the issues with certified staff, and transfers why they are creating two more positions. Mr. Mungle response to the question was that the position of Director of Learning would help integrate both technology and curriculum.
Three schools around the North Lawrence Community Schools system received substantial grants. These schools where Mitchell, Orleans, and Shoals received over $3.5 of million dollars, but the teachers must be in place. Schools, without this position, have not received any of the funding. We have applied and not received any grant money and the main reason you have to prove that you have the people in place for the grant. Mr. Mungle explained that the first position the funding will come from the Operations side of the budget, and the second would come from the education fund.