Plan Commission Approves Three Subdivisions, Service Station

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Plan Commission approved three subdivisions on Tuesday afternoon.

Cory Allen with BRCJ, was on hand to provide information on all three projects.
The first minor subdivision was applied for by Gary Ray at 1612 Central Avenue. He wants to split one lot, 160 feet by 68 feet into two parcels one 90 feet by 80 feet and the other 70 feet by 68 feet.
No one opposed the proposal, and the commission approved it. The request now must be approved by the Board of Works.
The second subdivision approved was requested by Regency Properties at 3315 and 3313 16th Street. The Subway Shop and Verizon Dealer want to subdivide this building into two businesses from the other Regency Properties.
No one opposed the proposal, and the commission approved it. The request now must be approved by the Board of Works.
Jay Fiddler, for Broadview North Subdivision, requested to expand the subdivision at Oakridge and Morgan drives located off of 27th Street. Six more lots will be added to the existing subdivision.
There will be no sidewalks in this development. He must maintain a $10,000 bond; however, to ensure streets meet the proper specifications.
Once completed the subdivision must pass final approval and city officials must sign off on the project.
Tai Hubbard appeared before the Plan Commission to propose the construction of a gas station and convenience store at the current KATS Performing Arts Building at 824 Lincoln Avenue.
Brian and Kathy Thompson currently own the property. The property is presently zoned Industrial 2, but because it will be a gas station a special exemption must be filed.
The current building will be torn down and a new one constructed.
No one was opposed to the project. It was approved and now with a recommendation, go to the Zoning Board for approval.
Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk also updated the other members of other projects going on in the city:

  • Copy Trolley is moving to the old Dominos building on Mitchell Road which belongs to Tony Howell
  • Papa John’s is demolishing the two-story house where the employee parking will be on the property located at 16th and O streets. Domino’s Pizza was to build on the property, but the deal fell through. Papa Johns now owns the property.
  • Socrates Montano received design plans for a restaurant called Cazuelas, a Mexican restaurant located at 15th and I streets in Bedford. There will be some additions made to the building to expand the kitchen.
  • Bedford Federal is putting in and relocating its ATM and where Jenkins Motors was located.
  • Work One will be relocating to Dunn Plaza, remodeling is already in progress.
  • CVS is remodeling restrooms to make them ADA compliant, and other remodeling is in progress.
  • Premiere Theater will replace seating with electric recliners and as well as other minor upgrades.