Opening Ceremonies Held At Wiley Park Saturday

(BEDFORD) – Saturday was the first day of the summer past time of softball and baseball for members of the Boy & Girls Club of Lawrence County.

According to Kendall Reid, 27 teams will take the fields at Wiley Park for the 2019 season.
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Mist and Phil O’Toole with their son Evan O’Toole
The opening ceremonies consisted of Evan O’Toole throwing the first pitch. Evan is battling Langer-Giedon syndrome, this condition affects bone growth and structure (non-cancerous bone tumors) and can affect learning ability and limit mobility.
Then, Erica and Chuck Hensley, did the first “Play Ball” as Saturday marked the 11th year passing of their son Devon, who was a baseball player for the Boys & Girls Club, and Bedford North Lawrence baseball team.
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Michael Strunk and Jeremy Newbold of WBIW prepares the flag, for the flag raising ceremony at Wiley Park Saturday
American Legion Post 33 Flag Corps; took part in raising the flag. Members consist of Richard Kern, Ed Covey, Pat Myench, Don Mowery, Jim Kirkman bugler, and Michael Strunk helped prepare the flag.
Nation Anthem played by bugler Jim Kirkman
The first teams took the field around 8:45 a.m. with tiny tots of T-ball and four-leaf clovers playing for the first time of the season. Then, the Tincaps played the Bats, and River Cats faced off with the Redbirds. In girls coach pitch Florida State took on Florida.
The action continued with a doubleheader featuring Marlins and Dodgers and machine pitch between the Cubs and Cardinals. Then, Boys minor league had two games with the Braves and the Diamondbacks — second game Rays challenging the Braves.
The girl’s minor league between Texas and Tennessee started around 12:30 p.m. and the day concluded with Boys Coach Pitch between the Royals and White Sox with the final game wrapping up between the Indians and the Tigers.
“This was an exciting day, always good to watch the opening festivities of the season. The flag-raising by the American Legion is always fun to watch,” said Kendall Reid Athletic Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County.
Next, Saturday “Pitch, Hit, Run” will start at 6 p.m. that includes the 7-14 age group. The winners of that tournament will be able to attend the Regional MLB All-Star Weekend if they advance and will consist of both boys and girls.