Two Teens Arrested After Destroying Property, Breaking into Cabin

(SPENCER) – Two teens have been arrested after they left behind a yellow and black rope at the scene of the crime.

Police say the son of a Bloomington Police officer admitted to trying to take down a gay couple’s American flag and a gay pride flag and pole at their home in Owen County. The boy’s mother confirmed the rope was from their home.
The juvenile told police that 18-year-old Zachary Crites was also involved and wanted to damage the men’s property because they were gay. Jonathon and Jaco Balash, the couple who own the home, are also the leaders of the Spencer Pride LBGTQ organization.
Crites facing charges of criminal mischief and criminal trespass, the officer’s son, who is not being identified because he under 18, is being charged in juvenile court.
Both of the Owen Valley High School students are also facing charges of burglary and theft, after being accused of breaking into a family’s cabins earlier this month. Police were able to link the boys to the crime because they linked a phone number from a Craigslist ad for a stolen ATV to Crites.
Police said they found a gun and ammunition after searching the house where Crites lives with his mother, which is on the same road as the Balashes’ home. They also found items taken from the cabins.