Bobbie Ames Named New Director of Bedford Housing Authority

(BEDFORD) – Bobbie Ames has been named the Executive Director of the Bedford Housing Authority.

boby ames.JPG
She is replacing Joe Klumpp who resigned.
Ames is a Bedford North Lawrence High School graduate and attended Oakland City College in Bedford.
After college, she was hired with the Bedford Housing Authority, 21 years ago.
Ames and her husband Jeff have two adult sons, and she is excited about the new position.
One of Ames goals is to provide a safe and decent place for residents to live. The Housing Authority oversees operations at the Hauck House and Hamilton Courts Apartment complexes in Bedford.
The Hauck House was designed for those 55 and older and those with disabilities. Hamilton Courts are for those with low income. The Housing Authority also issues vouchers to help with rent.
Occupancy at the two locations is approximately 98 percent, which Hauck House, has 103 apartments, and 62 apartments at the Hamilton Courts Complex. There is a waiting list for people trying to get into housing.
One of Ames goals is to start working on improving the Hamilton Courts Complex, which was constructed in 1969 and is need of some upgrades. Ames says this will not happen overnight as it will take both money and time to address some of the issues.
Ames says housing is a significant concern in Bedford, with a growing homeless population, and the type of housing needs that exist locally. Ames added, there is plenty of two bedroom type of apartments, but the need now is one bedroom apartments or 3 to 4 bedroom apartments. Ames says it will take a while to develop a plan and set goals. But, Ames is ready to meet the challenges.
Applying for grants:
The Bedford Housing Authority applied for a $2,500 grant to Lawrence County Community Foundation. The grant will be used to address some small project at the Hauck House which include a greenery project and work around the community building.
They also applied for a Safety and Security Grant through the Housing Urban Development. The board approved a request of $3,000 for a firm to help assist in applying for a $250,000 grant to update and improve security cameras, windows, and doors.
Bedford Housing Authority will also receive approximately $287,000 in Capital Improvements; part of this money will be used to help control erosion, parking lot improvements and retaining walls in the Hamilton Courts Complex. The amount of money is above the $178,123 that was projected to receive.