Arts Commission Announces 2019 On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneurs

(UNDATED) – The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced that 35 Hoosier artists had been selected to participate in the second annual On-Ramp accelerator program for early career creative entrepreneurs.

The creative entrepreneurs chosen for the 2019 On-Ramp program represent all corners of the state and a variety of artistic disciplines.
Artists selected locally are:
In Painting –
Cassidy Young, of Bloomington, works in both oils and watercolor. Her watercolor sketches of local Bloomington restaurants and street scenes have had some increase in popularity and were the focus of the IAC – IAP Grant, she received last year, allowing her to make and sell postcards and prints at a local shop and occasional art markets.
In Visual Arts –
visual arts.jpg
Kaila Austin of Bloomington works primarily in large, mixed media paintings on paper. She uses a combination of public sketchbook projects and archival research, placing contemporary and historical people side by side to create iconographic works that embed meanings into the gestures, clothing, and symbols used to depict black people as thinking, complex beings, something that has been neglected in the history of art.
Visual Communication –
visual communication.jpg
Brooke Hawkins of Columbus is most passionate about the work she does for not-for-profit organizations in her community. She enjoys understanding the mission of an organization and being able to interpret that through design and communication. This work allows her to reach an audience through a broad range of topics.
In Textiles –
Amanda Ross of Spencer says artistic practice primarily involves weaving, especially responding to the rhythms and cycles of weaving pattern and harvesting materials for dye and thread. Her most recent body of work, produced during her MFA in Textiles at Indiana University, explored the relationship of weaving, rhythm and musical structures with my computer-assisted loom.
To learn more about the other artists and their careers, visit:
The IAC receives more than 85 applications to participate in the accelerator program. The 35 participants are preparing to expand their creative work with an entrepreneurial approach.
“It is exciting to see creative entrepreneurs from throughout the state, representing so many different artistic disciplines, committed to advancing the business side of their careers,” said Anna Tragesser, IAC Artist, and Community Service Manager. “We want to help these early-career artists not only achieve their creative goals but maximize their opportunities for business success.”
A three-day course workshop, led by Elaine Grogan Luttrull, will be held May 10-12, in Nashville, focusing on developing business skills, career goals, and community engagement learning. Those completing the course are eligible for the On-Ramp Fellowship, which includes up to $2,000 of artist career project funding. This funding opportunity will help creative entrepreneurs taken what they learn from On-Ramp and put it into practice to advance their careers.