Keith And Reynolds Face Off In Mitchell City Council District 3 Race

(MITCHELL) – The only contested Mitchell City Council race is in District 3 in this primary.

The other candidates on the ballot will move on to the General Election on November 5. The two Republican candidates will be Roger “Brother Moe” Keith and Perry Reynolds. The winner of the primary will face off with Democrat incumbent Joey Slone.
Since the Democrat Party will not have a primary this year; no one will have declared party affiliation in the Primary.
Roger “Brother Moe” Keith
Roger “Brother Moe” Keith is a retired Mitchell City employee, and still holds the record of the best kicker in 1972. These are the following issues that he plans to address as a city council member.

  • Get the bus service back up and running for Mitchell residents.
  • Insure that trash service is being taken care of and keeping the city clean.
  • A few things are not getting done, that the street department needs to address.
  • Create better animal control ordinances and make sure current animal control ordinances are addressed.
  • Work to get Recycling efforts started in Mitchell.
  • Attract new business to the city.

“I was very disappointed when the Turkey Processing plant did not happen. It would have its own water treatment facility and used approximately 500,000 gallons of water a day,” according to Keith. ” I will be supporting Dan Terrell as Mayor.”
This will make Roger “Brother Moe” third attempt at the District 3 council seat, running in both 2003, and 2011.
Perry Reynolds
Perry Reynolds.JPG
Perry Reynolds is a retired minister, and now is the owner of Blooming Pails Flowers and Gifts on Main Street in Mitchell. The business was opened up in October of 2018. Mr. Reynolds wants to address the issues and concerns facing the city. However, is optimistic that good things are happening in the city already.
According to Reynolds, he supports the new grant program that the Mitchell Police Department is taking part of with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, and Seymour Police Department. In addition, he is pleased with the efforts the police department has done to reduce crime in the city, with over a 55 percent reduction rate.
Some of the issues he would like to see addressed however include the following:

  • Would like residents to take better ownership of their properties.
  • Create better ordinances to make sure owners of property take care of their property.
  • Make sure current ordinances are enforced.
  • The loss of Transportation was bigger than us, but the city is working in bringing transportation back on Wednesdays, making sure that residents get to the stores, doctor’s appointments, and other appointments on their payday. The fee will be a $1 a day, and Living Well will be operating the service.
  • Roads and streets, we have an aging infrastructure that will take a lot of money and time to get fixed. Things will get done just not all at once.

But, Reynolds is also excited about the good things that have been occurring in Mitchell over the last four years. These upgrades and improvements include the following:

  • Grissom Museum moving into the Old City Hall Building.
  • The City Park being improved with new equipment, helping to promote a healthier city.
  • The construction of Doc Hamilton Blvd. and the industrial park.
  • Improvements made to the water and sewer will attract new business to the Industrial Park.
  • The city is addressing the flooding and water issues around Doc Hamilton Blvd.
  • Appreciates the tourist attraction that Spring Mill State Parks that attracts people to Mitchell.
  • The trail system in Mitchell is also another upgrade along with the Blue Jacket Trail, people will be able to walk, exercise however they like.
  • Reynolds also serves on the Board of Works and oversees the bills that come in and there is no frivolous spending in Mitchell.

Reynolds would like to bring back the sense of community that he knew and grew up with.
” I started a neighborhood watch several years back. It is certified from the National Sheriff’s Association in California. The police departments responded to the program has been positive.” Reynolds concluded by saying ” I love Mitchell and want it to continue to grow.”
Early voting will continue at the courthouse Mondays – Friday’s, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday voting will also take place in Mitchell at the Emerson Gym 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Officials ask that you use the Ninth Street Entrance to the gym.