Homeowners Invited To Participate In Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program

(BLOOMINGTON) – Homeowners within the City of Bloomington are invited to apply for funding to improve the sidewalk adjacent to their property.

According to municipal code, property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the adjacent sidewalk. Participation is open to those who own and occupy single-family homes in federally designated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) areas within the corporate limits of Bloomington and are current on payment of property taxes and other debts to the City.
In addition, the sidewalk must have a “poor” condition rating, as verified by City staff.
The first round of applications is being accepted for consideration starting this week, with a deadline of May 15. Any remaining funds will be considered for applications received after May 15.
To determine the eligibility of their property, prospective participants may enter their address into an online search box at https://bloomington.in.gov/transportation/sidewalks/repair-assistance/.
If the property is located within a CDBG area, the property owner will be prompted to complete the application form.
The City will pair approved property owners with local contractors and oversee work completion. The City will cover 50 percent of the cost of the improvements, with the property owner being responsible for the other 50 percent.
Prospective participants without access to the web form application may contact the Department of Public Works by phone at 812-349-3410 or visit the department’s office, Suite 120 at City Hall at 401 North Morton Street.
“The sidewalk repair assistance program is a win-win,” said Mayor John Hamilton. “Improving sidewalks convey benefit to an entire vicinity while enhancing the curb appeal of individual properties. Paired with the City’s Brighten B-town initiative, this is an excellent opportunity for our neighborhoods to shine a little brighter.”
More information about Brighten B-town is available https://bloomington.in.gov/news/2019/04/01/4